I was born with restless feet and endless curiosity. As a child, my grandmother, a kindred spirit, took me on walks discovering clouds shaped like angels and taught me the names of flowers in rainbow colors. During the day, she’d teach me secrets in her kitchen and at night, she’d read to me from an illustrated book where I’d travel to dreamland with Winkin’, Blinkin, and Nod casting silver nets to harvest stars.

My grandmother taught me how to discover magic in an ordinary world. At the end of her life, I told her that I was going to cancel my upcoming trip. She started to cry. “No! I want you to promise me that you will go. I’ll be with you, no matter what.”

She died that day, leaving me alone and overwhelmed with grief.

Any natural beauty I take delight in,  every photograph I click, every person from another culture I connect with– bears my grandmother’s heart. She is with me on every mountain top. Her footsteps blend with mine on powdery beaches and I feel her presence  at both sunrise and sunset.

Why do I travel? There are so many reasons. Travel develops empathy for other cultures and expands knowledge. When I’m on the road, I find out more about myself. Journeys expand my soul. Away from home, I remove the blinders and meet new friends or experience adventure. Let’s wander with my grandmother’s spirit around the world.